Bell West Chiropractic

Bell West Chiropractic
By Mary L. Holden
2016 Best Of

Bret Wilson, DC and Matthew Bailey, DC
Bell West Chiropractic
16846 West Bell Road, Suite 112
Surprise, AZ 85374

Dr. Bret Wilson Golf 1Three words, two doctors, one you. Bell West Chiropractic in Surprise, AZ uses three words for a motto: “Move, Play, Live.” The two doctors who provide chiropractic health care are Bret Wilson, D.C. and Matthew Bailey, D.C.

And…you? You are reading this to find out what these two chiropractors mean when they offer a ticket to “move, live and play” in ways better than ever before.

Ten years ago, Bret Wilson brought his training, education and 35 years of experience along when he joined Bell West. His partner Matthew Bailey had been in practice for 10 years when he arrived six years ago.

The practice welcomes people of all ages who suffer from spine, joint, nerve and muscle conditions that cause limitation and pain. Conditions common to most of their patients include pain in the low back, neck, reoccurring headaches, arm and leg pain.

Are you are a person who wishes to take responsibility for your own health, and work with a trained professional to achieve your goals of acquiring and maintaining strong, pain-free physical health? Then doctors Wilson and Bailey are ready to assist with compassionate, thorough chiropractic care.

Wilson explains, “We provide chiropractic health care for the reduction of pain, improvement of function and health.” During the treatment of patients in his office, patients are also given information on “exercise, activity modification and diet.”

Both doctors consult with patients, provide appropriate evaluations and come to a diagnosis. Their findings are discussed and a plan for further care is recommended. Chiropractic care can provide relief and restore health in many conditions. What sets them apart from many health care practitioners is that if they find your symptoms would get better results being treated by professionals in another specialty, they will tell you, and make the proper referral.

Their main goal is to provide the best in safe, effective health care without the use of drugs or surgery.
Bell West is a neighborhood-centered chiropractic practice. Both doctors are known for being good listeners. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs and health goals. They use a variety of methods, modalities and procedures that allows them to find the best approach to help you to take action with the three words that are most important to them: Move, play, live.