7 Insanely Weird Things

7 Insanely Weird Things
We Don’t Know About Ourselves

Eboni Lacey 2015The greatest gift of life is time; the ability to grow, mature and adapt throughout the years that we are on Earth. Time gives us wisdom, if we choose to pay attention. These 7 insanely weird things will make you stop and think what we don’t know about ourselves.

It’s quite simple. You just have to know yourself. What makes you tick? What upsets up? What kind of environment can you be around? What motivates you?

Once you figure out things about yourself, life becomes so much easier. It becomes something that you can understand and can plan out so that obstacles don’t become life-long struggles and dreams can actually become reality.

Here are 7 things that we don’t know about ourselves.

1. Our emotions make us irrational

Emotions are great, but they can serious screw us from time to time. Sometimes we tend to act on emotions and react to situations rather than respond to them. We say the first thing that comes to our minds not matter how harsh or unclear things may be. We don’t take a second to think about how to properly respond to a situation so that we will receive the best possible outcome. Being in control of your actions makes you become more secure and more trusted. The most successful and wealthy people are the ones that can decipher between reacting and responding and, quite frankly, it makes sense. “Flying off the handle to a minor annoyance can make you seem hyper or even unbalanced.” And let’s be honest. No one wants a nut case.

2. Color makes us act a certain way and can manipulate us

Ever wonder why you’re cruising down the McDonalds drive-thru without even thinking about it? Or picking up an item and instantly buying it? As we continue to move fast in society, companies are making bank based off of our impulsive decisions. And, color is one biggest reason. We see it, we want it. End of story. If we could slow down a bit, we could definitely think twice about some of our decisions and save some dollars. Here’s a few fun facts about colors from psychology.about.com

Red: strong emotion, intensity, excitement, Known to create impulsion
Black: death, mourning, possibly evil
White: pure, innocence, clean, sterile, fresh
Blue: calmness, serenity, productivity, conservative, non-threatening, authoritative
Blue is the most unappetizing color. Some weight loss plans recommend eating off of a blue plate.
Green: healthy, fertility (Green has actually been a long-time symbol of fertility), calm
Yellow: warm, but noted as the most fatiguing color to the eye, know to increase metabolism, the most attention getting color
Orange: often used to draw attention, energetic, bright, creates excitement

3. Our stomachs have brains of their own

Your stomach is a smart cookie, being able to digest and process food all by itself. According to listverse.com, your stomach has more neurons than many animals have in their actual brains. So if you’ve ever been nervous, irritable, or content for no reason at all, your stomach might be the culprit. This is a strong reason to not feed it crap all the time.

4. We don’t have as much Free Will as we think

No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory about how the government will take over the world. (Que the eye rolls.) We often do things on impulse, which leads one to debate whether we are truly in control of some of our decisions. Take this experiment from scientist Benjamin Libet for example.

Libet, while observing his patient’s brain, told his patient to move his hand whenever he wished. Libet found that the brain registered a desire to move the hand, even before the man himself was aware of the desire. This suggests that we may act impulsively, without actually making a decision.

Moral of the story – think before you act.

5. Sleep Deprivation causes major problems

Most of us know we need sleep, but there are those times that we either pull all-nighters or just skip sleeping at all. Though some people think it’s a waste of eight hours, studies show that lack of sleep causes major long-term problems like hallucinations, memory loss, high blood pressure, weight gain, random moments of losing consciousness and even permanent damage to the immune system. It’s way better and easier for your body to get those Z’s in.

6. You Should KISS often – Keep It Simple Stupid (Don’t Act Like You Forgot)

Don’t you hate that co-worker that sends novels instead of emails? How about when a 30- minute meeting turns into 2 ½ hours, and you find yourself not even caring anymore. It’s because you’ve got to keep things simple, as your brain can only handle bits and pieces of information. Cut the fluff and get to the meet and potatoes, the wham bam thank you ma’am. According to business insider, we can handle 40,000,000 pieces of information every second, but only 40 of those make it to our conscious brains. So when you’re talking for long periods of time, people only recollect a small portion on it. Just remember this when you give your next presentation.

7. We see what we want to see

Sometimes we find ourselves not being able to see things, and it really can create major problems. Though this study is quite scary, it shows just how oblivious we can be.
During December of 2009, Farid Seif, a businessman from Houston, Texas, boarded a flight in Houston with a loaded handgun in his laptop case. He made it through security without a problem. The gun is legal in Texas; he forgot to take it out of his laptop case before his travel. Farid realized the mistake when he got to his destination at the end of the trip. Airport security at the Houston airport did not detect the gun though airports continuously go through extreme parameters to ensure that they can detect anything through the gate.

The brain sees what you want it to see and often will miss things due to conscious knowledge of what shouldn’t be there. That’s why it’s always good to double check things and not look for things when you’re mad. Chances are you won’t find them!

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